Catholic Diocese Jersey

The Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba are a lay Order of practising Catholic men, dedicated to the support and service of the Catholic Church, our clergy and our fellow beings.

We try to play a full part in the Lay Apostolate, with the aim of developing all aspects of our faith. The Order was founded in Scotland in 1919 and the first Jersey Council was established in 1929. Council 216 in Jersey now has 52 resident Jersey members, including all the clergy, and there are 10 overseas members. Our fundamental virtues are outlined in the slogan "Charity, Unity and Fraternity".

We are in a way an extension of the Church, as we have a Bishop assigned to us as an Ecclesiastical Spiritual Advisor. Our admission and Knighthood ceremonies are often conducted during a regular weekday Mass. Our commitment to the faith is evidenced in the Mass or Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion held immediately prior to most of our monthly Council meetings and in the prayers and actions in our Council and Sub-Committee meetings.

Jonathan Higgins is currently the Grand Knight telephone 07797736915 and Peter Richmond is the Membership Officer telephone 07797 782976. Knights of St Columba

What else do we do ?

Assisting Priests - Many of the Brothers are Extraordinary Ministers and/or play an active part in their local church, our Jersey parish and the island community.

PRINTING WEEKLY CATHOLIC NEWSLETTER – Brothers undertake the printing of the 1,600 weekly newsletters available at all weekend Masses across the Island.

SCHOOL AND CHURCH FETES – We provide assistance at many fetes mainly during the summer months, helping with the erection and dismantling of stalls, directing safe car parking facilities and overall ensuring the smooth running of each function with the respective organizers.

ROSARY CRUSADE – Annually during October, Brothers organise a week of Masses incorporating a full Rosary around a number of the island Churches, assisting with the readings at each Mass. In recent years we have organised this in conjunction with the Catholic Women's League.

ERECTING CHRISTMAS CRIBS – Brothers are active in erecting all island cribs, including the one in the Royal Square, and arranging for storage during the year.

VISITING THE SICK AND LONELY – We support our sick families and widows, both materially and socially, but not to the exclusion of others who need our help around the island.

SUPPORTING CATHOLIC YOUTH – The local Council is actively engaged in developing our role with JaCy, the Jersey Association of Catholic Youth. During the last year, we have assisted various members with costs for special events, inside and outside the island, and have jointly participated in fund-raising and social functions, including the annual Walk to France, in association also with the Apostleship of the Sea, and an island Scavenger Hunt.


Please take the opportunity to contact us, to talk about becoming involved with the Knights. You will need to give only as much or as little time as you wish and will never be asked to do any more than you actually want to do.

The names of Brother Knights are included on all Church notice boards – or contact either Jonathan Higgins, Grand Knight, on 07797736915 or Peter Richmond, Membership Officer, on (07797) 782976