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Guild of St Stephen


Founded as the Society of Altar Servers in 1904 by Fr McDonald, the Guild of St Stephen was formed to raise the standards of altar serving. Fr McDonald began regular classes for altar servers at the Sacred Heart Covent, Hammersmith and regular meetings took place every month at Brook Green. The Society proved to be a great success and the then Archbishop of Westminster, Francis Bourne decided to set up a Guild of St Stephen based at Westminster Cathedral for the diocese. The Guild soon spread, and in 1934, Pope Pius XI allowed diocesan Guilds to become affiliated with the central Guild in Westminster.

One of the largest Catholic organisations in the world

 Since then the Guild of St Stephen has gone on to be one of the largest Catholic youth organisations in England and Wales, as well as one of the largest Catholic organisations in the world.

“The Guild aims to encourage, positively and practically, the highest standards of serving and contribute to the whole community's participation in a more fruitful worship of God. We provide altar servers with a greater understanding of exactly what they are doing so that they can serve with reverence and prayerfulness. If a server is doing their job well, you won’t notice they’re doing it.”

The Guild has an Archconfraternity in Westminster Cathedral, London. The Westminster branch of the Guild is privileged to call itself an "Archconfraternity", since it has been granted certain privileges by the Church Authorities in Rome.

Congratulations to Jack and Tanya Stevens who were enrolled into the Guild on St Stephen's Day