Catholic Diocese Jersey

Youth Ministry – JaCy 

"What is needed today is a Church, which knows how to respond to the expectations of young people. Jesus wants to enter into dialogue with them and, through His Body, which is the Church, to propose the possibility of a choice, which will require the commitment of their lives. As Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus, so the Church must become the travelling companion of young people..." (Blessed John Paul II, World Youth Day 1995, Philippines)

c8845e2693af87564260cc9015deb526.JPGMrs Mary Cahill, our Youth Formation Co-ordinator, directs the pastoral formation of young people in our island parish. There is a strong link with the chaplains of our local Catholic schools, as well as outreach to the States schools. We co-ordinate a parish based Confirmation programme, as well as a full schedule of other Youth Ministry opportunities.

The Jersey Association of Catholic Youth (JaCy), created out of World Youth Day experiences in Cologne 2005, is a vibrant and very active association which contributes greatly to the Catholic Church in Jersey. A parish youth committee, under the guidance of Sarah, leads this activity. Under the JaCy umbrella, the young people meet regularly in the different areas, the Oasis of Peace and in their own base (the "Upper Room" in St Thomas' Hall in St Helier), for social activities combined with prayer. The youth also participate in national groups, such as Youth St Vincent de Paul, to help them put "Faith into Action", and Youth 2000 to provide on-going catechesis to all our young people. There are many more activities and groups available for as young as year 1-6 through JaCy Junior, JaCy 57's for years 5-7 and all other activities for year 7+. There is also a strong group of older youth 18+ who continue to arrange opportunities for prayer, catechesis and social time.

For further information, please access the link to JaCy's website – – or follow JaCy on Facebook. You can contact Mary Cahill on