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Thought of the week

Why does God allow…? It’s a question people have always asked. Last week people in Madeira will have asked: “Why did God allow a tree to fall down on a religious procession, killing 13 people and injuring others?”

 You could answer: ‘Because the tree was old, or there was no health and safety inspection or because God does not suspend the laws of nature, or of gravity, otherwise there would be chaos in the universe.’

 None of those answers will comfort those injured or families who have lost loved ones.

 Only words of compassion and faith may bring comfort alongside human solidarity shown in hugs and tears and love.

 At moments like these, we would be wise to remind ourselves that the only picture of God we have is that of someone suffering and dying on a cross.

 We are tempted to think of health, strength and power as the only important values to be pursued in life. But the wisdom and power of God are to be seen in the weakness of those who share in Christ’s sufferings.

Fr Nicholas

Holy Mass in Portuguese will be offered this Sunday 20 August at 3.30pm in St Thomas’ for the dead, injured and bereaved in last week’s tragedy in Funchal.

 Next Sunday 27 August, Mass will be celebrated in Portuguese at the Food Festival at 12 noon in People’s Park. This annual celebration of Portuguese food, music & culture takes place from Thursday 24 August to Bank Holiday Monday 28 August.  Please come & support