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Thought of the week

St Thomas would make a good lawyer or investigator. He looks for evidence and appears to only place his belief in something when that evidence has been presented.

We see this clearly in the Gospel for this second Sunday in Easter. Unless he sees the Lord’s wounds, Thomas refuses to believe that Jesus had truly risen from the dead. In all honesty, I cannot blame him. How would any of us react to such a claim as someone rising from the dead? What’s more, the disciples themselves make it difficult for him to believe – they are still afraid. Locked in a room, they have not shown themselves in any way affected by this wonderful news. 

 They are acting as if nothing has happened. This is why I think we tend to be a bit too harsh on Thomas. I think if someone confronted me with the words “He is risen” I too would ask, “then why are you hiding?” We too need to ponder the resurrection and think about how it affects our lives, our attitudes and our hope.

There are many people who do not believe that Jesus rose from the tomb and is alive amongst us. Do we live in a way that shows we believe? How are we witnesses?

 If Thomas were to come and visit us this very day, what would we say to him and would our lives help him to believe?


Father Benjamin