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"Thought for the Week Sunday 17 February 2019"

THE SAINTS NEXT DOOR Next month it will be seven years ago that a retired Argentinian man found himself elected Bishop of Rome, the 265th successor of St Peter. As Pope Francis he has endeared himself to many. One of his objectives has been for us all to acknowledge the Church on the peripheries. To encourage us in this he has appointed cardinals from nations where the Catholic Church is numerically small, such as Burkhina Faso, Tonga and Sweden. He has gone to places such as the Central African Republic, the first pope to enter an active war zone and last week he travelled to Abu Dhabi to encourage there the vibrant migrant Church. In Rome too he has reached out to the homeless providing them with toilets, a laundrette and even, on one occasion, a dinner and private tour of the Vatican.

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